Type of building

Type of building - Healthcare

Type of building


Public or private, health facilites subject to strong functional, regulatory and economic constraints. Their design must integrate the presence of highly specialized spaces, respond to safety of users and staff and limit maintenance costs.

The diversity of services and functional units in a hospital makes this sector the most complex of building types. Key drylining considerations include:

  • Meeting extraordinary acoustic, fire, impact and hygiene demands
  • Accommodating heavy service demands and mechanical requirements
  • Contributing to the creation of an architecturally impressive building
  • The km volume of partitions to construct

For healthcare projects

For healthcare projects


LaDura is an alternative to a traditional gypsum fibreboard. Made from gypsum reinforced with wood fibre, it is stronger and harder than other plasterboards giving greater impact and pull out resistance. LaDura combines fire, moisture and impact resistance and provides a superior finish to gypsum fibreboards. It has been designed for durability in busy, high traffic areas which are intensively used, or prone to abnormal or rough use including schools, hospitals and hotel corridors.

Our DEDICATED systems

The GTEC range of metal stud profiles provides system solutions for education building projects. Combining the right plasterboard, fixings, frame and finishing products gives partition solutions up to the most demanding levels of fire, acoustic and thermal performance.

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For larger projects, we add value before, during and after the construction phase. Working with the project team, we can support the initial tender, finding ways to improve aesthetics or building performance, cut construction costs, reduce build times or suggest ways to lower on-going maintenance costs. Find out our recent projects below.


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